World Class Equipment
Hosted in the Bellevue David Barton Gym, NPTI of Seattle offers it's students world class equipment to learn and train on. Your clients shouldn't accept second best in their trainer, why should you accept any less with your education?
More Than Just Lifting
A good training program involves more than just weight lifting; our students are trained on a wide range of cardio and fitness equipment in a state of the art facility.

Dear Prospective Student,

The National Personal Training Institute of Washington State is an integrative program, meticulously designed to give you the knowledge, awareness and networking, needed to thrive in the health, wellness and fitness industries. The program will help you challenge conventional thought, and grow an open, crafted, success-geared mind, that is needed in helping clients achieve their individual goals. The hands on education and practical experience, within the NPTI of Wa St, will aid you to define your niche and refine your skill set to achieve targetable and sustainable results. Results drive business.

The NPTI of Wa St is a community of health, wellness and fitness leaders in the area. This community strengthens with each individual student and alumni’s expertise and knowledge. All of our student’s interests, and experiences are valued, acknowledged and make us who we are today. The course is designed for those looking to better their own lives, or enter the field as a professional to better the lives of others. Join us in making a difference.

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In good health,

Jenna Hussey, MS, CPT
Director/Lead Instructor