Want To Become A Personal Trainer?

Why Become A Personal Trainer?

Personal training is a career of passion; a job that few of us view as going to work. Beyond enjoying spending our days helping people improve their performance, health, and overall enjoyment of their life, it offers many superb benefits.

  • There are numerous places to find employment, from major national chains to local independently owned gyms, physical therapy and medical clinics, schools and countless sports teams and organizations.
  • Personal trainers have the opportunity to open highly successful private practices, choosing their own hours, prices, clients, and methods.
  • The personal training industry is growing rapid: The U.S. Department of Labor predicts that the demand for personal trainers will increase by 46% over the next six years! This will cause the profession to be ranked one of the 15 most desirable fields in which to work.
  • In addition to the growth of the industry, personal trainers make an excellent wage right now, with the median income in the area of NPTI Bellevue coming to over $59,000 a year and the top 10% being over $86,000! And the fact is, NPTI graduates are far beyond average, and this career and industry will only become even more rewarding.

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Personal Training Income Statistics

Why Choose The National Personal Training Institute?

Simply stated, NPTI is the best personal training school in the country, offering a cutting edge 440 hour comprehensive diploma program. Our program is designed to not only make highly knowledgeable fitness professionals, but personal trainers that have the confidence created from 200 hours of practical experience from in-gym training and an innovative student community training program. This program exceeds the amount of hours of most exercise and fitness bachelors degrees offer on the topic in their programs, and gain the benefit of having it taught in a synergistic fashion instead of broken up into separate classes.

Why else should you choose NPTI?

  • Our teachers are industry leading trainers and practitioners, each with years of experience succeeding at what our students aspire to do.
  • Our curriculum improves and adapts to new advancements in health and fitness, staying far more current, relevant, and practical than most other programs.
  • The NPTI facility has the widest selection of equipment available to allow our students to be properly trained to work in any setting. You won’t find any gym or clinic as well equipped as NPTI.
  • NPTI is not just a school, but a hub and network connecting you to the health industry. From field trips and guest presentations by local leading health professionals, and job postings by local companies that prefer NPTI graduates, to CEU’s and other certifications in-house to keep your CPT current, and more: NPTI is the best personal training resource you will find, both before and after graduation.
  • Sign up for class now and get started and in just six months you can be earning a fantastic income as a respected professional doing a job you love!


So what are you waiting for? Personal training offers a unique and rewarding career with excellent income and a forecast for serious industry growth in the near future, and NPTI is the best place to launch you into a successful life long career as a personal trainer. Still looking for more information? Get in touch with our Director Jenna Hussey at 253-797-8954 to arrange for a tour, open house, or with other questions.

Ready to get started? Classes are capped at 20 students, so to reserve a seat in the next term at no risk!

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