NPTI Program

The NPTI Full Program

The NPTI full program is a comprehensive integration of health and movement sciences weaved together with the practical, program design, and business skills necessary to thrive as a personal trainer.  Individual classes and separate programs are available (such as our nutrition program), but the below descriptions cover the entirety of what is covered by the full NPTI program.

Anatomy Course:

This course offers an extensive look at the landmarks and responsibilities of the anatomical system. The course focuses on the primary and secondary muscles in joint mobility and stability, along with the skeletal system’s role in stature, leverage and movement. The identification of landmarks is an integral part of the curriculum, however, the course’s objectives are geared to integrate the system’s impacts on the physiological systems, posture and movement, metabolism, psychology, performance, rehabilitation and reconditioning, biomechanics, and exercise.
55 hours

Physiology Course:

The course creates a scientific foundation that helps support health and wellness, program design, rehabilitation and reconditioning, goal setting and performance. The topics include: muscle and connective tissue, neurological, cardiac and respiratory physiology, bioenergetics, nutrition, endocrine and biomechanical systems, performance enhancing drugs and supplements, anaerobic versus aerobic conditioning, program design, conditioning and performance. The performance facets include: strength, endurance, cardiovascular health, disease prevention, speed, agility, power, fall prevention, weight management, flexibility, alignment, mobility, stability and energy balance.
110 Hours

Nutrition Course:

This course investigates the nutritional science and foundations of food and energy. The course breaks down the raw science and investigation of nutrients. We will discuss the psychological and societal impact on food choices, availability and perceptions. We will address the energy balance and individual differences throughout human physiology, to help explain differences in metabolism, genetics, appearances, performance levels, weight management and disease prevention.
55 hours

Program Design Course:

This course gives structure to the programming and guidance in developing proper exercise and nutritional programs. After creating a base and foundation, program designing is crucial in supporting realistic goal setting, establishing appropriate progressions, variability, safety and successful goal reaching. The course is founded upon anatomical, physiological and nutritional sciences, as they are imperative in supporting the essential questions of training (how, who, why, what and when).
55 hours

Practical Course:

Integrates physiology and anatomy, nutrition, program design and posture/movement analysis courses. This infrastructure is used to help simulate hands on, practical experience in the workplace. Students will get first hand experience in personal training, group training, demonstration and instruction, communication and cueing, and self-fitness betterment. The goal of the course is to gain confidence for the eventual transition from the classroom to the fitness facility. The course gives the students an opportunity to take the scientific language and training techniques and present them to the client through effective and professional communication.
55 hours

Posture/Movement Analysis Course:

This course uses various tools to educate students on posture and movement such as posture charts, instructional videos from various experts including Grey Cook, Michael Boyle, Pete Egosque and David Weinstock. These instructional videos provide a framework in analyzing stance and gait patterns, which helps identify mobility or stability issues through the biomechanical system of the human body. Identifying imbalances will help address alignment and movement technique in helping increase performance, sustain exercise, promote joint health, prevent or decrease joint pain and gain confidence.
55 hours

Fitness Business Course:

This course investigates the successful and unsuccessful personality traits and business modules in the fitness industry. It is also designed to build a proactive mindset to sales, marketing, management, networking, communication, business setup/registry and self-promotion. In addition, it addresses the legal responsibilities, insurance, certification and educational standards. The Fitness Business class also looks at the current trends and future projections of the industry. Students will learn about social media and how it can increase business opportunity. In addition, students will work in groups to write a business plan and present their ideas to the class. This course includes time allocated for guest presenters ranging from various health-related fields including, nutrition, mind and soul, fitness general management, fitness professional, strength and conditioning, message, yoga and pilates realms or health and wellness.
55 hours

*Topics Listed in the Course Outline are the amount of hours in each course.

Some Topics as listed are integrated into other courses and have an accumulated total as stated below as advertised.

Theory 240 Clock Hours

Practical/Hands-on 200 Clock Hours

Total 440 Clock Hours