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3D Total Health LLC - - 1600 W Armory Way - Seattle - WA, 98119

We moved into our new space over here in Magnolia, and things are just taking off.  It certainly is an upgrade, which helps, and I’ve secured 5 new long term contracts with local teams and organizations.  This is all great, except I’m spending 16 hours a day at the gym, 5 days a week and training every Saturday for 5 hours.  Bottom line, I need help.

I’m looking for some talent.  Preferably, someone who is hungry, athletic mindset, team player, wants to continue to learn.  I don’t need this person to come in and rock the house dude, just a stable intuitive person, deductive reasoning skills, high motivation to grow with us and make money, and someone who can start small and take on bigger and bigger responsibilities.

I’d hire them as an assistant first.  I can guarantee 20 hours a week at $20/session while they work with us and our team and learn the basics of our programs and protocols.  If it is a good fit, after 2-3 months, I’ll start handing over more hours and responsibilities and along with it a pay raise.  While I do need this person to bring some creativity to the table, and I highly encourage creativity and flexibility, the programs we are running right now are solid and the foundations have been laid.  We are currently working with:

Seattle United Soccer – 8 girls teams, and going to grow to 16 teams this summer

206 Volleyball – 7 girls teams.  Contract goes through this year.

Ballard High School – Off Site training, year round contract.

Our AMPT youth training – 4 sessions, packed every week and growing.

Our small group classes – 10 sessions per week, 6 people maximum in each group.  Looking to add 6 more hours per week this spring.  On the horizon:

Ballard Basketball and Skills Clinic – 6 teams starting on March

Shoreline Sports Club – 6 soccer teams as a beta run starting in March, then expanding into the whole club this coming fall if all goes well, which it will.

Not to mention the amount of personal training clients who are enrolling as we’ve ramped up our marketing and strategy to expand and open more spaces.  But, I need to find some good talent before I even go down that line.

Joe Palumbo - - +1 206 909 0933  Cell


Crunch Fitness in Washington is growing. We are looking for certified personal trainers looking for an opportunity to grow with us.

Flexible schedules, compensation to $24 per hour, generous commissions, fun environment, no sales quotas.

If interested send your resume to along with:
1) your preferred work availability
2) two business references

Write the words ‘personal trainer’ in the subject bar.

Tony Auriemma
General Manager
Crunch Washington


Armstrong Fitness – Personal Trainer

Job Description

Seeking fitness professional to train in settings ranging from one on one, buddy, small group training, as well as group classes. Here at Armstrong Fitness we believe in providing a premium level of services and giving clients not just what they want, but what they need to take their fitness goals to new heights. Personal training sales are an active role of the job to best maximize your income potential.


-        Build clientele in the gym in both classes and by sales of personal training to new members.

-        Maintain schedule to service complementary appointments for new members and prospects.

-        Continue to further education through team and personal development, and opportunities to attend additional certifications.

-        Manage client’s program design and track progress.


-        Nationally accredited personal training certification or 4 year degree in the health/fitness arena.

-        CPR/AED

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about fitness, and eager and open to learning new approaches towards the industry. As fitness is an ever evolving trade, we aspire to stay on top of new science and trends to provide the highest level of service to our community.