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How Personal Trainers Can Help More People, Make More Money

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Personal Training – it’s a rewarding field with a lot of opportunity. The industry continues to grow as more people are realizing the massive benefits of working with a trainer. Nothing can replace a client looking you in the eyes and telling you that you changed their life.


That being said…


It has its challenges as well. The job can produce some long hours and moderate pay, which may lead to feelings of burnout if your passion isn’t your primary driving force.


The bad news? This pulls some of the great trainers out of the industry. The good news? There’s a solution.


What is Online Training?


It’s possible you’ve heard the term ‘online training’ before. It’s also possible you’ve thought something similar to one of the following,


“Do you just train people over Skype?”


“Can people actually get results?”


“Seems like a scam to me.”


Am I in the ballpark? Well, you’re not alone. Online training is a new facet of the fitness industry and it’s growing quickly. However, this small niche is still untapped compared to in-person training.


Before we get into the benefits of online training, I want to pause to tell you about a course that is above all the rest. The Online Trainer Academy is the world’s first certification program for online personal trainers. This is a fantastic supplement to what we offer at NPTI, and is a great way to separate yourself in the online training world.


Learn more about the Academy here (Enrollment closes March 2nd)


Advantage #1: It’s cheaper


For clients, in-person personal training is expensive. Rightfully so, but expensive nonetheless. Generally, trainers charge 30-50% of what they normally charge when they bring their services online. This opens doors for a wide range of clientele that would otherwise not be able to afford your training.


Advantage #2: Location is not a factor


With in-person training, you are limited to your area. If someone wants to train with you on the opposite side of the country, you have to come to them or they have to come to you. It’s not realistic. With online training, there are no location limitations. This works out very well when you and/or the client moves and prevents you from having to turn someone down because they are not close.


Advantage #3: Have more freedom, make more money


The dreaded burnout happens, and it drives some good trainers away. It’s the product of long hours, and long days in exchange for mediocre pay. Fortunately, online training solves that problem as well. Examples like taking away commute times and not being required to be in set locations have given thousands of trainers more time to spend however they want.


Advantage #4: Help more people


That’s why you’re a personal trainer, right? Online Training gives you the ability to take, on average, 2-3x more clients than you would have in-person. This is due to the fact online training sheds away a lot of time spent at the gym and in the car, and allows you to spend more time on your clients.


Final thoughts


Online training isn’t for everybody. It’s not for every client and it’s not for every trainer. That being said, it provides opportunities and solves problems in the industry that are difficult to overcome. Click here for more information.

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